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My Lenovo Yoga 730

Yes, there has been a tremor in the force; you may have felt it. I have been a life-long user and advocate of Macintosh computers (and all things Apple); but I bought a Windows computer this week.

Before you gather a straight-jacket and haul me away, read my reasons.

A large reason is that I like Windows 10. While working a former job I was assigned a Surface Pro with Windows 10 and I really like it. (The Surface Pro was just okay, but hardware aside, I liked Windows 10)—if I could have afforded the Surface Book 2, I would have gone that route—It is a sweet computer! The screen detaches, as in the Surface Pro, but it is a full-blown laptop—I never really liked the keyboard with the Surface Pro. With the Surface Book 2, the screen becomes a tablet when detached. Apple could take a clue and make a MacBook Pro with a detachable screen that turns into an iPad—but, that would mean that Apple would make a touch-screen Mac, something it vows to never do.

Aside from Windows 10, a touch-screen was my other reason for going with the Lenovo Yoga over a new MacBook Pro. I teach online with VIPKid and a touch-screen makes the classes flow much better.

I guess I’m official now…

Price. Ah, yes, price. Since beginning to work at Best Buy (in computers) I have noticed the premium that you pay for Macs—don’t get me wrong, I think they are worth it, but at this stage in my life I got a very good computer at a price that would not have even gotten me in the door with a Mac.

In Windows 10, I believe that Microsoft has made an operating system that rivals the MacOS. I’m not going to say that one is better than the other, but I felt “at home” in the Windows 10 environment.

My experiences so far have not been without bumps in the road. But, they have been few and far between and I have learned how to smooth them out.