I have been a Baker Books Blogger for a few  years now and I thoroughly enjoy it. There are several reasons why I like being a Baker Books blogger:

  1. At the risk of being too honest—Free books—who doesn’t like free books?
  2. Trusted publishing house; my wife knows that one of the first things I do when I pick up a book in a bookstore is look at the publisher. Folks, there’s a lot of stuff out there being published in the name of Jesus that just isn’t very good (I’m being kind). I know I can trust Baker Books not to put out any garbage.
  3. I have received and read a number of books that I otherwise would have missed.
  4. Unlike some other early review programs, I have actually received books from Baker Books—too many early review programs have too few books for the number of requesters.

If you get a chance, follow the link above and join up! Your life will be enriched.