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Those who play chess know that sinking feeling when you lose your queen—it’s that “all is lost, can we start over” feeling that sometimes leads us to irrational moves that only make the situation worse.

The Queen

The queen is the most powerful piece on a chess board—but not the most important. One can have the queen captured, and carry on. Lose the king (by being checkmated) is the end of the game. You cannot recover from that loss. And, again, experienced chess players know that sinking feeling when we move the queen, take our hand off of her and immediately see our mistake—your opponent swoops in and captures her.

A similar phenomenon happens on the football field. It’s called a turn–over. Does not matter if it is a fumble or an intercepted pass—it’s still a turn–over and your opponent has the ball and the advantage.

I find this concept at work when there is a turn–over: the momentum of the game shifts to the recovering team and they often score. I think the same thing happens in chess. The momentum shifts and the victory goes to the one who captured the queen. In my mind there are parallels.

In my mind there are also parallels in life. We lose a job. We have, what seemed to be a favorable situation, turn on us and we’re suddenly on the short end of the stick. During such times it is easy to react, often in irrational ways. We panic. We (maybe I’m just speaking for me) think and say things that are irrational that lead to poor decisions. And we become nostalgic for the past when we had our queen, when we had the ball before the turnover.

But, what did Jesus say? “Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Don’t let your heart be troubled or fearful.” 

Perhaps another way to put it is: Nothing happens here on earth that surprises God or interferes with His plan. He has it under control. No one ever takes His queen; He does not fumble; He does not throw an intercepted pass.

The next time that some akin to losing your queen or committing a turnover happens in your life, pause, take a breath and realize that He is in control. Be still and know that He is God.