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So, the folks at Crossway have been very generous and replaced my wide-margin reference Bible with a new one because the old one’s cover was coming loose on the back. So, I have a new, never been marked Bible and I’ve been reading tonight about color coding Bibles with such schemes as:

  • Red for salvation, blood of Christ
  • Brown for evil, Satan, etc.
  • Purple for majesty, kingship
  • etc.

This is not the first time I’ve thought of this, but this time I’ve come to a (tentative) new idea: I really like to highlight using the Prismacolor Premiere Spanish Orange pencil. So, why not use it for highlights, regardless of the type—let’s face it, a passage can have more than one meaning. So, my idea is use one color for highlights and differentiate passages with notes in the margin with these colors:

  • Brown – cross references with arrows pointing in the direction of the verse;
  • Green – quotes from books;
  • Purple – God, Jesus, Holy Spirit;
  • Red – Salvation, redemption;
  • Black – just everyday ordinary notes in the margin;
  • Orange – references to notes in my Bible Field notes pamphlet (see Bible Hack — I’m about to revise that post, so look for the new one, soon.)

For me, the simpler the better. I am liable to forget the color scheme and have to waste time looking it up when I go to highlight. This is simple and how (probably) I’m going to go with this new Bible. My pens of choice (found at Michael’s) are Prismacolor Premiere 005 pens. I find that they make a finer line than the Pigma Micron 005 pens—but, I have both and use both.

I like what someone said about wide–margin Bibles—over time, you build your own study Bible and that can be passed down from generation to generation. So, I’m going to be more selective this go around on what I notate in the margins.

I would enjoy hearing any thoughts any of you have on this topic.