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Here we are on the threshold of a new year. What shall it bring? In 365 days, how will it look in the rear view mirror? There is something about a new year that brings out the optimist in most of us. We look forward and think about the days to come, making resolutions that we may or may not keep—resolutions that are forgotten almost as quickly as they are made—at least for most people.

I had basically given up on making resolutions and even now as I peer over the edge of 2017 into the mystery of 2018, I am hesitant to make resolutions. I tend to be overly critical of myself and therefore if I fail to keep a resolution I feel like a failure (if I remember the resolution!).

I am going to make resolutions this year—still working of them—one of which I will share here: I resolve to remember and work on my resolutions. I am going to  concentrate on four areas:

  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. Intellectual Growth
  3. Physical Development
  4. Relational Development

A few weeks ago I read a devotional on Luke 2. The author challenged readers to develop a Personal Growth Plan, based on Luke 2:52—And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

I’m still working on fleshing the four components out. But, here is what I have so far:

Books to read:

  • Twelve Ordinary Men
  • His Name is Wonderful
  • The Civil War, A Narrative Vol. II
  • The Road to Camelot
  • Reading Scripture Supernaturally

Physical—going to join Planet Fitness
Relational—work in progress
Spiritual—Obedience and read the Bible through in a year.

I guess those aren’t really resolutions; more like goals, but it’s where I am, here on the threshold of 2018.