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As I drove to Ohio today I anticipated seeing these wind turbines again, as it was almost a month ago that I first encountered them, just as I crossed the border of Indiana/Ohio. I remember how I felt like I was among aliens—I’ve probably read H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds one too many times and these turbines were reminiscent of the tri-legged crafts of the Martians. This picture does not give this area justice, as there are dozens of them!

I also could not help but think of the verse in 1 Peter 2:11—Dear friends, I urge you as strangers and exiles…. Some versions translate strangers or exiles as aliens. Have you ever thought of yourself as an alien? As someone living in a land that is not your own?

God’s people are used to being aliens—Egypt, Babylon. Being an alien is a central theme throughout the Old Testament. How are we, as New Testament believers, aliens on earth? This is not our final destination, so to speak. Heaven is our home, not here. That’s how we’re aliens.

For the longest time I was uncomfortable with this concept. I would read verses where the Apostle Paul would write about his longing to depart and be with the Lord and I could not identify. I’m still not there with Paul, but I do embrace that I am an alien and this is not my home. There’s a lot I want to do yet in this life and perhaps I cling too tightly to it, but at least, when my wife and I go to a restaurant, we eat dessert first—that way if Jesus comes back during our meal, we’ll have had dessert!

Meanwhile, whenever I see these turbines, I will be reminded that I am an alien and this is not my home.