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IMG_6448So, I saw this idea for a book rack made to look like a dog (my wife thought it was an alligator), so I took scrap wood and made one to feature books that have had a lasting impact on me:

  • Sound & Sense – tenth or eleventh grade intro book on poetry; I’m not sure I’d ever have grown to love poetry without this book;
  • And the Angels Were  Silent – profound book by Max Lucado on the last week of Jesus’ life on earth;
  • Lincoln on Leadership – this was the first of Donald Phillips’ books on leadership principles of historical figures—this was the best one and still resonates with me;
  • Huckleberry Finn – an all time favorite;
  • The Pursuit of Holiness – now a classic in Christian literature; read and re-read and I learn something new each time;
  • Tarzan – I began reading Tarzan novels in the fifth grade and it electrified my reading; been an avid reader since then;
  • Lincoln & His Generals – This book and the next were my entry books into my life-long interest on the Civil War;
  • This Hallowed Ground – a Bruce Catton classic;
  • and in the dog’s mouth: True Grit, a great movie, but an even better novel.

IMG_6449These books have been watersheds for me in one way or another.  If the New Testament I shoplifted were still in my possession, it too would be on this rack.