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Summer Reading Stack

I have purposefully picked out some books to read this summer. I have already knocked one of these off, but more on that in a minute.

Bottom to top my summer reading books are:

  • The Murderous History of Bible Translations by Harry Freedman
  • The Lost Order by Steve Berry
  • The Roots of Endurance by John Piper
  • Reading the Bible Supernaturally by John Piper
  • The Temple and the Tabernacle by J. Daniel Hays
  • Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur
  • Roman Catholic Theology & Practice by Gregg Allison
  • Journeys of Faith, edited by Robert Plummer
  • Lincoln & His Generals by T. Harry Williams

Whew, plus my text books for Discipleship and Family Ministry. So hi, ho, the merrio, a-reading we will go… Plus, I reading through the Gospels, using Warren Wiersbe’s The Wiersbe Bible Commentary–NT as my devotional material.

The first out of the gate was The Murderous History of Bible Translations by Harry Freedman. This book was a disappointment. The author, from what I can tell is not an inerrantist—don’t miss read me. We can learn from those whom we disagree with. Even so, the more I read the more Freedman came across as more of an academician than a believer (only God knows his heart). It is hard to read a book about the light that is written from the dark. That may seem harsh, but I don’t believe in the Book of Mormon, so why would I write a book on it? On something I don’t believe? I violated my first rule on reading a book: LOOK AT THE PUBLISHER! In this case it is Bloom Bury Press (never heard of it) and perhaps more revealing, the author has another book published by O–Books, a publisher concerned more with “spiritualism” than Christianity. I am very disappointed in this book; mostly because I was really looking forward to it.

The others on the summer list are mostly Christian, with a novel thrown in (The Lost Order) and a book that I read in high school, Lincoln & His Generals.

  • Most anticipated: was The Murderous History of Bible Translations; now…Reading the Bible Supernaturally
  • Most nostalgic: Lincoln & His Generals; I loved the book the first time I read it and I’m sure I’ll get more out of it this time.
  • What I anticipate to be the more interesting: Reading the Bible… or The Temple and the Tabernacle.
  • One I want to read first: Twelve Ordinary Men.
  • One I will read first: The Roots of Endurance.
  • Two I will skim: Roman Catholic Theology & Practice and Journeys of Faith.

I will try and do short reviews on these as I read them, so check back…

Oh, almost forgot, I’m also writing a short story where Andy Taylor (yes, Mayberry) wakes up in Dodge City, in the midst of the cast of Gunsmoke…but it is a show or real life?