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This is a review of The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch;  this review was written by Jan Goshorn.

Tech-Wise-Family-coverYes, this is a book about putting technology in its place. That place is not in the hands of anyone under 10 (this includes television and video games). It also means putting your technology to bed before you do and don’t pick it up again until after you get up in the morning and have made your coffee or opened the front door and smelled the freshness of the morning or heard your resident cardinal calling out.

Oh no! I cannot do that. I NEED my phone. How will I wake up in the morning? What if I miss the notification that another terrorist has struck? What if my school mate has a crisis and I’m not there to help her? You can come up with all the what-ifs you want, but they won’t justify keeping your phone by your bed. My husband is the worst! He gets push notifications for everything and answers texts and pings while he’s trying to take a nap!

Andy Crouch and his wife decided when their children were young that they would control technology, not the other way around. They did it successfully and they both work full time jobs. Andy gives excellent reasons why technology (television and video games included) are ruining our lives, stifling creativity and imagination and making our lives too easy and more often than not, more boring.

You cannot read The Tech-Wise Family and not come away convinced by his enjoyable story-telling examples, wisdom and Barna Research as to why technology is a bane, not a boon for humanity.

Look around the next time you walk down any busy street. How many are on their phones? How about in parks, are parents staring at their phones instead of playing with or watching their children. When was the last time you saw a beautiful cardinal or stopped to smell (let alone notice) a flower you’ve never seen before or gone puddle jumping. Put the phone down and no one gets hurt!