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She's back...and wants the Ruby slippers

She’s back…and wants the Ruby slippers

When the story first broke that Jill Stein was asking for a recount, I asked myself, what has she to gain? Really nothing. It gets her some publicity, but not necessarily the kind she’d want. So what else could there be? Could it be that she’s working for someone else? I think so.

Jill Stein is obviously a surrogate for the Clintons who have lost all moral footing to challenge this themselves. If anyone had moral grounds to contest an election is was Richard Nixon in 1960, but he put country ahead of his own ambition. Seems like some can’t do that… if it talks like Hillary and walks (or stumbles) like Hillary, it’s probably Hillary.

Then, a few days later it comes out that the Clinton campaign (I thought the Clinton campaign was over) was joining the effort on the recount. How nice. Some would contend that Stein is doing this in the interest of preserving the integrity of our democracy. Getting the Clintons involved will do to integrity what garlic does to Dracula. Everyone (including the Clintons) says that this recount will not change the outcome, even in one state. Though the margins are narrow, no one has ever overcome these kind of margins in a recount. This process has the potential to hurt our democracy, not help it. If a hand-recount is demanded, then the recount may not be done in time for those states to vote in the the Electoral College. That would then put Trump below 270, but still more than Hillary. Some scholars believe that the race would then go to the House of Representatives (last time was 1824), some think that if those states can’t participate, then the race goes to the candidate with the majority of electoral votes—either way, Trump still wins. So, what’s the objective? To make Trump’s presidency seem illegitimate, get Hillary back in the news and promote her ego at the expense of the country, which is what she’s been doing all her adult life.

This is a fender-bender on the interstate and instead of slowing down and rubbernecking, we just need to heed the voice in our heads that is saying, “Move along, nothing to see here.”