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screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-9-06-40-amI am hopeful about a Trump presidency. I’m still not crazy about the guy, but he has, since the election given me reasons to believe that he will grow into the job. Briefly some of these are:

  • his willingness to not pursue further investigation of Hillary Clinton. This is huge and he’s taking a lot of criticism for it; he believes it is what the country needs to in order to heal and he’s sticking by his principles. Similar to Gerald Ford pardoning Richard Nixon. Ford knew it was the right thing to do in order for the nation to heal after Watergate—it probably cost him the election in 1976. This is probably robbing Trump support from the more rabid “lock her up” group, but I admire him for trying to heal the country.
  • his appointment of rivals; I know a big deal was made of this with Barak Obama and he was even compared to Abraham Lincoln—hmm, media where are you now? Trump has offered Nikki Haley, an outspoken critic and is considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State—Romney was one of Trump’s harshest critics.
  • And he is acting presidential. He called the family of the slain Texas police officer. In all the police slayings we’ve had this year, I do not recall any calls from President Obama to the family of slain officers (Obama may have done this, I just don’t remember hearing of it). This is a class-act on the part of Trump.

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-9-28-06-amFar from the caricature portrayed by the media, Trump is his own man and he appears to be growing with the job. Yes, he may be the first Twitter president and he’s rough around the edges, but he’s not the first. Ever hear of Andrew Jackson or Teddy Roosevelt?