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bill-clinton-hillary-clinton-2016-election-defeat-getty-640x480In September I wrote a post about the dangers of the inevitable creeping into the Hillary Clinton campaign. Like Thomas Dewey in 1948, Hillary ran a campaign as if she was the heir apparent and a shoe-in for the presidency. It didn’t turn out that way and I’m sure there’s a lot of soul-searching going on among the Clintons and their circle of friends and advisors.

One thing that should be going is blaming others. First it was Comey’s fault. Now it’s that white women are misogynist (had to run to the dictionary for that one)—according to the dictionary it means “a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.” Maybe it’s not that. In fact, I’d put money on it. I think it’s more likely summed up in these 13 words: “I don’t mind the idea of a woman president, just not that woman.” It’s time for the Clintons to stop blaming everyone else and look at themselves. Bill & Hillary, you are not victims. 

It’s really a Shakespearean Tragedy played out on an American stage. I think that Hillary, in particular, but also Bill, has lost her moral underpinnings and I think she’s lost. I read a piece recently comparing them to Ahab and Jezebel—the most evil pair to ever rule Israel—I won’t go that far. Yes, I think that Hillary’s nature is to lie, but I don’t think she’s a Jezebel. I think she has been playing a role for so long, being handled by political operatives, that she has forgotten who she is at her core. I hope she takes this time to think about that. To get back in touch with who she is—I hope she opens up a Bible and discovers in those pages a new beginning.

If anyone else had run for president against Hillary, I think it would have been a landslide for the republican candidate. The inverse is also true—if Joe Biden (for instance) was the democratic nominee, he would have beat Trump easily. The fact is, both of these candidates had high unlikeables. It’s just that Trump’s were a little less than Hillary’s. In the end people decided that the playground bully was worth taking a chance on—they were not so willing to give the lying, conniving chameleon that chance. It was also “status quo” v. outsider. In that sense it was not just Hillary who went down in defeat, but Barak Obama too. Hillary was running to fill Obama’s third term and people have just had enough of Obama.

But, maybe no so fast. If Trump falters, watch for a Hillary come-back in 2020. If Trump is successful, the democrats will nominate a sacrificial sheep. Two other things to keep your eye on: Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea is apparently being groomed to run for the House of Representatives, perhaps as early as 2018. I also think that the Obamas may go back to Illinois and expect to see Michelle Obama run for public office as a stepping stone for a run for president—in 2024 she’ll just be 60 years old and that’s the democrats next best bet at winning back the White House.