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Who isn’t glad that this election is over. Being a bit of a political junkie and presidential fact collector—I was reading Nathan Kane’s Facts About the Presidents in middle school—I thought it might be interesting to look at some tidbits from 2016.

First the final map of electoral votes:


  • Not since 1988 has a Republican candidate gotten over 300 electoral votes—yes, George H.W. Bush (426) was the last. The other Bush, George W. garnered 271 in 2000 and 286 in 2004.
    • By the way, 1988 was the last time a Republican won California. Most Presidents, if they win a second term, see their Electoral College vote increase—could California be in play for Trump 2020?
  • Speaking of 2020, it may be the first election since 1980 (except for 2012) that a Bush or Clinton has not been in contention for the nomination or on the national ticket.
  • Trump firsts:
    • First billionaire president
    • First president to have starred in a Pizza Hut commercial
    • First president to have owned a football team
    • First president to have had his own reality show
    • First successful election run by a woman—Kellyanne Conway
    • First septuagenarian elected president
    • First president to ascend to the office without military or political experience
    • First president with more than one divorce
  • Other 2016 firsts:
    • First woman to run for president as the standard bearer of a major party
    • First Hispanic candidates—Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz
    • First Jewish candidate—Bernie Sanders
He might also be the first to have a bald eagle in his office

He might also be the first to have a bald eagle in his office

I’m sure there are more fun facts out there. Of significance, to me at least, is the fact that Trump is 70 and he’s had no military or political experience. The oldest president record was held for years by William Henry Harrison, elected in 1840 at the age of 69. He is also the first president to die in office, just one month after taking the oath. Next was Ronald Reagan, also 69 when he became president, 77 when he left office. If Trump serves two terms, he will be 78 when he leaves office. That’s old, folks—or 539 in dog years, which is four more than the total number of Electoral College votes (just being whimsical). Isn’t politics fun?!