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So, for my Personal Evangelism class I have to memorize 40 Bible verses by October 18th. That I’ve struggled with this has been a bit of a surprise. I’ve memorized verses before and with the advent of apps like Scripture Typer I thought this would be a breeze.

Turns out that apps aren’t really helping me. Call me old fashioned, but give me cards! So, using Avery business cards, I typed up all forty verses and printed them out—double–sided with the reference on one side, the verse on the other. Thanks to Navigators’s Topical Memory System, I learned to put the reference “for and aft,” so I repeat it twice. Here’s what my cards look like:


Side A

Side B

Side B

Now the system.


I have four stacks of memory verses. The Today stack are the verses I’m working on today. The Review stack are verses that I’m reviewing daily. The Monday stack are verses that I’ll review on Mondays—why Monday? I’m off on Mondays, no classes and no work. And then there’s the stockpile, verses yet to be added to the memory system.

So, here’s how it works. Verses move from the stockpile to Today. Once I can repeat the verse with ease, it get’s promoted to Review, with a date notation. When the sixth card is added to Review, the oldest (hence the date notation) gets moved to Monday. On Mondays, I continue with the Today & Review stacks, but add the Monday stack as well.

As I write this, there are 24 days until the mid–term (October 18), when I have to write all these verses out—that’s an average of 1.66 verses per day, but I’m doing two a day to get ahead of the curve. I think this will work better for me than any of the apps out there. I’ll be sure to update y’all on October 18th!