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My textbooks...

My textbooks…

In case anyone is wondering what I’ll be doing between now and November, here’s a hint: READING!

This stack of books is just for three classes! They include:

  • New Bible Atlas (not very new, as it is out of print)
  • Kingdom Through Covenant
  • God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment
  • What Is Biblical Theology?
  • 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible
  • Overcoming Walls to Witnessing
  • Tactics
  • Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God
  • The Great Evangelical Recession
  • What is the Gospel?
  • Tell the Truth
  • Kingdom of Priests
  • How to Read a Book

For my Hermeneutics class we have to do a book review and How to Read a Book was one of the options—seems like a good selection to me; I think I’ll begin that one today.


My little spelling book…

You may have noticed this little Spelling Dictionary hanging out to the right of that stack of books. This little book has an ironic past. I’ve had this book for nearly forty-one years. It is well worn and highly prized. It’s past is ironic because it was given to me by a girlfriend with whom our relationship ended over Jesus. You see when I became born-again, that was too much for her, even though she had asked me a few months before what I thought of God. This book, a Christmas gift, rose out of my using the word granite when I meant granted—it happens.

And now, this little book will serve me well, I have no doubt, in seminary. Life is fool full of irony.