Philip Yancey is the subject of today’s letter—Y. I love the writing of Philip Yancey, especially the my first exposure to him.

YIn the early 1990s (may have been 1994) I went with a group from our Youth Group to Colorado. We hooked up with an outfit known as Noah’s Ark and went rock climbing, white water rafting and wilderness camping. The rock climbing and rafting were okay. The wilderness camping nearly killed me.

We each had 50 pound packs, loaded with provisions for our 10 person group. Noah’s Ark did not travel light, as many of the provisions were canned goods—translation: heavy! But, survive I did. Upon our return, the youth group leader wanted to continue the fellowship that we had developed, so we agreed to read a book and gather once a week. The book was Yancey’s And the Angels Were Silent. The premise of this book, covering Jesus’ teaching the last week of his life was this—whatever a person says when they know they have little time left, must be very important. And so it was and is.

And the Angels Were Silent continues to have an impact on my life and I often turn to it, as I do The Pursuit of Holiness, the subject of the letter T. Some chapters still make me tear up when I read them. Others make me think and re-evaluate. Still others affirm what I believe. Yancey has a way of touching our inter-being. My review of Yancey’s Finding God in Unexpected Places reinforces how much of an impact he has had on my spiritual growth.

So, if you haven’t picked up a book by Philip Yancey, do so; may I recommend And the Angels Were  Silent as a good starting place?