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NExcuse the language, but I’m a bit of a Bible–slut. I think, if I’ve counted them all I have thirteen fourteen sixteen Bibles. So, it’s little wonder when I tried to buy another my wife nixed the idea. Today I’m reviewing the New American Standard Bible.

The New American Standard Bible has a special place in my heart. Shortly after becoming a Christian in 1977, a pastor’s wife gave me an NASB. I loved it and used it for years, until lured away by the New International Version when it debuted.

The format I love

The format I love

The summer of 1978 I remember sitting at the picnic table in my parents’ backyard every evening, reading a chapter from that NASB. I read through the New Testament that summer. That NASB that I used back then is long gone—I’m not sure what happened to it. Loved that Bible; loved the format.

I have since moved on the English Standard Version of the Bible. The ESV is almost as accurate as the NASB, but more readable.

Format. The format I love is single column, each verse starts a new line with references on the outside edges. This is fairly standard with NASB, but just recently I found it in ESV and have been lusting after it.

While the NASB will always have a special place in my heart, it is a bit wooden for everyday reading. It’s great for checking translations of various passages, but—for me—it does not flow well for everyday reading. But if you are looking for accuracy and precision, the NASB is hard to beat. Plus, for Psalms the poetry is (usually) wonderful.