JWarren Wiersbe has written a series of commentaries that all begin with Be. I selected Be Joyful, his commentary on the New Testament book of Philippians mostly because it fits with today’s letter.

So, this post on more on the series than on Be Joyful. I own several of the Be series, including:

  • Be Right – Romans
  • Be Joyful – Philippians
  • Be Loyal – Matthew
  • Be Diligent – Mark
  • Be Compassionate – Luke 1–13
  • Be Courageous – Luke 14–24
  • Be Alive – John 1–12
  • Be Transformed – John 13 – 21
  • Be Real – James

The Be series are written in vernacular that everyone can understand and are easy, fast, yet insightful reads.

Personal note: Today’s blog is short because I’m in Louisville, Kentucky job searching (well, I did get hired today) and apartment searching, as I will be attending the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this summer.