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Some people like to poke fun at the fact that I proposed to Jan in a Pizza Hut on Valentine’s Day. Pizza Hut was, and continues to be, some of our favorite pizza—our homemade pizza is our favorite.

IMG_1889That proposal, in Indiana, Pennsylvania, was 36 years ago and I’d do it all again today.

The next day my parents drove three hours to meet Jan for the first time over dinner at…wait for it… Pizza Hut!

A glove is useless without a hand. Insert a hand and the glove comes to life. Not only that, but it knows every move the hand makes. It keeps the hand warm and safe from elements. Jan is both the hand that brings my glove to life and the glove that keeps me protected.

No one else gets me like Jan. She finishes my sentences. Somehow she knows, whether in person or on the phone, when something is wrong. She gets my jokes and knows all the allusions to movies when I quote a line.

Above all else she loves me unconditionally and she loves Jesus. The latter makes the former possible. Jan’s walk with the Lord began on a walk we took in 1979 on Thanksgiving Eve. Sharing the Gospel with her was the best thing I’ve ever done.

August 16, 1980

August 16, 1980

Six months and two days after the Pizza Hut proposal, as she walked down the aisle of Graystone Presbyterian Church, she also walked down the aisle of my heart, and became my bride—forever.

My life is infinitely better because she said “Yes” in that Pizza Hut on February 14, 1980.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jan!