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I’m a bag slut. What I mean is I never seem to be satisfied with whatever current bag I’m using. I’ve tried many and own many. I tend to prefer briefcase type bags and never really liked messenger bags or backpacks. That has changed with my use of the eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack. This is the first backpack that I really like. No, it will not be my final bag, as I’m sure there will be another bag that will catch my eye at some point in the future.

Untitled 2Even though I don’t like backpacks I was intrigued when I saw the eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack. So, I ordered it and have been very happy with this bag.

Backpacks have not evolved very well since the 1970s. Pretty much manufacturers have added organization panels, but the main compartment has been and still is one big pouch. Sure, laptop and iPad compartments have been added, but generally it is a large pouch. This is problematic for those of us who use our bags to carry books and papers. Book slump to the bottom of the bag and there’s a lot of wasted space at the top of the pouch. eBags tried to remedy this with their eBags TLS Workstation Laptop Backpack, but it just didn’t work well—it’s a good backpack, but things like their “overhead” compartment just didn’t work for me. The “overhead” compartment made the bag sag if you put anything of consequence (like computer power cords) in it. I often thought (and tried to make it work) that if that compartment was moved to the bottom of the bag it would work nicely.

Viola! That is exactly what eBags did with the eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop Backpack. Two features that make this bag a winner for me:

  1. The crush proof AC adapter “garage” at the bottom of the bag; and
  2. The “L” zippers, giving me access to what I want instantly.
Main compartment

Main compartment

I always carry a Bible, a Moleskine notebook and one or two other books that I may be reading at the time. The main compartment is the first, in a backpack, that carries all of without it being a jumbled mess at the bottom of the bag. It sits above the “garage” and keeps all my books within easy reach.

By the way, another feature that I like in the eBags line is their orange lining—I can always see what I’m looking for, no matter the lighting conditions.

IMG_1642The “garage” easily swallows up my Canon G12 camera, a back up battery for my mobile devices, a Moshi Rewind power adapter and my MacBook Pro power adapter (not pictured).

IMG_1640Their organization panel is far superior to any I’ve used before. It opens wide and has plenty of pockets. There are even two zippered pockets behind all the pockets you can see in this picture.

The laptop compartment is generous and well padded. You can tuck the backpack straps away and use the secondary handle on the side to carry it like a briefcase. In either orientation (upright or landscape) their is a pass-through on the back for adding it to your luggage at the airport.

There is a water bottle compartment on the left side of the bag that zippers shut when not in use. I find that I could use a second one on occasion when I’m carrying coffee and water. There’s also a “Napoleon” pocket on the very front of the bag that I find useful, but it could have a wider opening.

I give it ☆☆☆☆ out of five because I’d like to have another water bottle compartment and the Napoleon pocket could be designed better.