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We live in a small house—well, half of a house. It’s about 650 square feet. We have lived here for about 131/2 months. It’s been an interesting experience, cutting our living space in half. (Of course for about a year we essentially lived in one room) so this was an upgrade.

The living room, as we were unpacking (most of the boxes were gone!)

The living room, as we were unpacking (most of the boxes were gone!) –click for larger view

At first I didn’t like it. I saw it as cramped, confiding and run-down. It is, still, a bit run-down, as our landlord gets by with the bare minimum. But in these 131/2 months the place, in spite of my initial feelings, has become home.

We’ve unpacked. We’ve learned how to double-utilize spaces, like the kitchen/laundry room, separated by a a six-foot tall bookcase. A bedroom that also is storage for my bicycle.

My own little corner!

My own little corner!

A living room that has three spaces—living room, Jan’s ‘office,’ and my ‘office.’ I have my own little corner and it makes a world of difference, as I did not have it the first few months we were here.

There is a lot of talk about ‘tiny houses’ these days and though we don’t meet the definition (most are under 400 square feet), our small house has become home and we’ve made it comfortable. We didn’t purposefully make this change. It came about out of necessity, but this past year has taught me many things, not the least of which is how to live with less.

We have great neighbors, are well-fed, warm (sometimes too warm) and generally happy. The small house does not get the credit for this—God gets the credit, but the small house has been the setting and though I don’t want to live here forever, it has been a good experience and has molded us. The Amish say that they ‘live more with less’—I’m beginning to understand what that means and I smile.


The living room today (yes, that is Mr. Hanky, the Christmas poo, hanging from the ceiling fan!)