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ZZoog was a student on my dorm floor when I was a junior. I don’t recall his real name. He told us that “Zoog” was Polish for freight train. He was a big guy who really didn’t seem to belong in college.

Every night he’d order a pizza from Pizza House, a local pizza joint and eat the whole thing himself with numerous beers. He was the kind of guy that was just begging to be pranked…so, we obliged him.

Prank 1 – Every room was equipped with a rotary phone from which Zoog would order his pizza every evening. One night we took the microphone from the phone and watched as Zoog called Pizza House and ordered his pizza. The little guy on the other end, said “Hello, Pizza House”…Zoog ordered his pizza. Not hearing him, the little guy again said, “hello Pizza House.” This went on three or four times until Zoog tore the phone from the wall.

Lessons – sometimes there are unintended consequences to our actions. Also, just because you’re talking doesn’t mean you’re heard.

Prank 2 – Zoog was a mooch. Whenever I had food, he’d appear in my doorway. One evening, I was having cheese and crackers. The cheddar cheese was the same color as my soap… you see where this is going. Yup, I fed Zoog a piece of soap. I immediately regretted it! Did I mention Zoog was big? I managed to hide from him for a few days. He eventually found me and I don’t exactly remember what happened, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Lessons – Even people you don’t like deserve to be treated better than I treated Zoog. There’s that unintended consequences thing again and sometimes we get better than we deserve.