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In the Jurassic Park books dinosaurs are engineered back to live using DNA. That has me thinking, what if we could do that, but with presidents from our past? Who would be the best leader for our times? I have these thoughts:

  • Abraham Lincoln – certainly one of, if not the, smartest president we’ve ever had and he is consistently ranked as the greatest we’ve ever had. His reaction, I believe, would be to firmly defend the US from outside forces, including Islam. Not sure where he’d fall on immigration. I can not think of a modern day equivalent to Lincoln.
  • Theodore Roosevelt – he would not tolerate the anti-assimilation movement that plagues our nation. He would also be strong militarily and return the US to its position as world leader. A recent article on Bobby Jindal makes me think he’s of the mold of TR.
  • Ronald Reagan – he may have been a cowboy, but his plain speaking, no nonsense approach to leadership is exactly what we need today. He may have been the last president who truly put our needs ahead of his personal interests. Yes, he was a politician, but he was also a statesman—something we’re sorely lacking in today’s leaders.

But this isn’t going to happen. We’ve turned being president into celebrity status and we’re reaping the results. Out of the candidates that conventional wisdom says are running, none are cut from the cloth of these three men. I hope someone else emerges. I’d handicap the top three this way:

  • Hillary Clinton – darling of the democrats, would be a disaster. She has more experience that Obama, but her tenure as Secretary of State was a terrible. Secretaries of State do not necessary make good presidents—remember James Buchanan?
  • Jeb Bush – I just don’t see it. I’m not sure he has the guts to govern by his convictions. I think he’s prone to compromise, which isn’t always a bad thing, but in his case I think it is not a good thing.
    • I think the country has Clinton-Bush fatigue and most people would like to see someone else run.
  • Mitt Romney – not a fresh face, but the closest we have in stature to the presidents I listed above. On election night I said he’d run again and now he’s all but declared. Peggy Noonan, whom I usually respect, wrote a very poor article urging Romney not to run. I think she favors Jeb, though she doesn’t say so in her article.
    Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney

    I think Romney would be a good leader for our times. Many of the things he talked about in 2012 have come true (such as the Russian threat) and he’s financially smart. I think he’s a smart capable leader.

So, short of bring Lincoln, TR or Reagan back from the dead, I’m supporting Mitt Romney until someone better comes along—and I don’t foresee that happening.