Book cover

Book cover

This is a review of the book Not a Chance: God, Science and the Revolt Against Reason  by R.C. Sproul and Keith Mathison. This review was written by my wife, as she was the one who read the book. Her review:

Do you like rhetoric? Philosophy? Arguing a point ad nauseum? Then, you will love this book. Do you like to think deep thoughts? Come across big words only academics use? Again, this book is for you.

Sproul and Mathison spend the first four chapters just on debunking the word “chance.” The following are some of the arguments the authors voice:

Faulty assumptions lead to erroneous conclusions.
Self-creation is logically impossible.
Chance as a real force is a myth.
It has no basis in reality & no place in scientific inquiry.
Chance must be demythologized once and for all.

It took them 223 pages to conclude: What are the odds that something can come from absolutely nothing? There is not a chance.

My opinion—this book was not written for the general public.