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This passage from my daily devotional, Tabletalk, hit me this morning like a lightning bolt.

IMG_1053I have been, again, thinking of all that we did have at Berry and I have to admit that I’ve grown bitter this week reflecting on how our lives have changed. Especially as Christmas rolls around and presents will be few, it is easy to lay blame on certain people for ending my time at Berry. But where does the blame end? I could blame the economy or the president or even myself for not moving on from Berry on my own before I did.

But there is no room for bitterness. He has redirected our steps; he has kept some of our plans from coming to pass—but it is He, the Lord God who has done this. In the drama that was the last four months at Berry no one acted outside the will or providence of God.

We’re where we are because God wanted us here. I’m in the job I’m in because God opened those doors. It’s time to stop looking back, time to stop worrying about the future, and time to just enjoy the present. No bitterness. Easy to type, harder to live, but that’s my goal.