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Ran across this little fable today; found it amusing:

Once upon a time there was a maiden named Susan and she was going to buy a new computer. The queen would not allow her to go get a new computer. One day Susan ran away to the computer store. When the queen found out that she had ran away, she was furious. Andrea, the queen, sent all of her guards after Susan. After Susan bought her computer she ran to her sisters house. Sarah, her sister, had to hide Susan in the cabinet. When the guards showed up at Sarah’s house they knocked on the door and asked her if she knew anything about her sisters where abouts. When they asked Sarah if they could look around she said, ’’well, I’ve got to work out in the field today, so, no’’. When the Guards left she went to the cabnet and Susan said, ’’I need to get to out of this cabinet.’’ She got out and they heard the door being broke into.’’Run!!!’’ Sarah screamed at Susan. The Guards caught Sarah and took her to the Queen. When they got back to the castle the guards took Sarah to Andrea. ’’Off with her head!!’’ the Queen shouted. Sarah stated to cry and she was taken into the ‘’head yard’’ and she was never seen again.

Susan was very depressed when she heard about her sister’s death. But alas, she had to continue her journey to run away from the evil queen Andrea. There was wanted posters everywhere saying that there was a  $10,000 award for Susan. After all, Susan was Andrea’s best maid. The Guards were looking everywhere for Susan but couldn’t find her. Her brother Greg had joined the search for her. But it wasn’t out of love. Greg was an evil wizard that loved to torture the poor. He was the most hated person ever. He turned people he didn’t like into discusting animals. When children were to laugh and play he would kidnap them and turn them into Andrea.

One day Susan had gotten so hungry she stole an apple from the grocer. He noticed that she was on the wanted posters.’’Guards, guards!’’ he yelled. The Guards ran after her. When they finally caught up to her, Susan couldn’t run any longer and she gave in. They took her back to the castle and they put her in the castle’s dungeon. Since then everyone was allowed to buy a computer.

Susan died of starvation in the dungeon, and her bones are still there.