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Why is it that those who preach tolerance are some of the most intolerant people on the planet? Take for example this post, from a person whose core value is probably tolerance, on Facebook, commenting on the passing of Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-a:

The company founded by Mr. Cathy continues to advocate for the same extremist ignorance, bigotry, and anti-intellectualism that I saw regularly in the “theology” of the WinShape program back in my day at Berry. Fundamentalism is, by any functional definition, a force for evil in the world – however much good it may also accomplish along the way. In examining the legacy of Mr. Cathy, it is worth pondering how the pernicious and deceptive nature of fundamentalism – which hides behind the mask of biblical fidelity and morality – allows a good person with a kind heart and good intentions to do harm in the name of their god(s).

It does not follow that, because we disagree with someone, that they are ignorant, a bigot and stupid. How tolerant is that?

If we’re tolerant of something, isn’t it because, on some level, we disagree with it or don’t like it? We tolerate the rain, not the sunshine. Tolerance does not mean, as it’s been re-defined, that we agree with you, that we celebrate with you.

Labels are dangerous. I guess some would consider me an evangelical or even a fundamentalist. I do not, however, consider myself a “force for evil in the world,” nor am I “pernicious”1 or “deceptive,” so I guess I better re-examin myself since I don’t fit “any functional definition” of fundamentalism.

Have you ever noticed that there’s no place at the table of diversity for Jesus? Is it because He claims he’s the only way to the Father? I mean, I guess that means he’s calling the others out as wrong. You can have diversity as long as everyone at the table is of the “I’m okay, you’re okay” mindset. If you have one at the table, saying “I’m okay, you’re not okay” then all bets are off.

I think there is an unspoken agenda among the “tolerant police” that goes something like this: We’ll be tolerant of you as long as your view coincides with ours. If you want to see venom, just have a woman or an African-American depart from the “party line” of their liberal associates. A conservative woman or African-American is not tolerated in our culture.

Was Truett Cathy a sinner? Of course he was; he was human. Was he a “force of evil in the world?” Of course not. Numerous charitable endeavors, foster homes and good works too numerous to mention speak louder than those of the intolerant tolerance mindset. Of course, in the chicken universe, he and Colonel Sanders are probably thought of as Hitlers, but not in the real world.


1having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.