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It has been almost 11 months since we moved to Macon. We did not expect to be here this long. It now appears that we’ll be here even longer as we change directions and my career path takes an unexpected turn.

I truly wanted to continue in higher ed and may someday have the opportunity to do so. In the meantime, God has opened a door and I’m smart enough to walk through it—or perhaps be pushed through it. This is not the career path I would have chosen, but as my son shared with me this morning, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (Pro. 16.9). The Lord is establishing these steps. It’s scary as we (unlike the Federal government) have to balance our budget and make our lives work in this economy.

My friend from college, Ted Ewing, texted this to me:

Well, it is an answer, albeit not the one you wanted. You’ll probably learn why later. Press on, my friend. I never got a “Yes” answer to any of my prayers and I’m glad I didn’t. Ride the train and trust the Engineer. He’s still driving.

steam_02The train analogy reminded me of a talk that my former boss, mentor and friend, Tom Carver used to give at orientation dinners at Berry College. He would liken college students to being on a journey by train and they’d be thinking things like, “when I get to the next station, I’ll do such and such.”

His message was to live now, not waiting until the next station. Sort of a carpe diem outlook. You see, if we’re always waiting for the next thing, then we’re not living in the present. Jan and I have been living a “when we get to the next station” sort of life and it’s time to live in the here-and-now—to seize the day! So, Macon, Georgia, like it or not, you’re stuck with us for awhile.

In the previous blog I wrote about hope deferred. The second part of that proverb (Proverbs 13.12) is “but a desire fulfilled in a tree of life.” I don’t yet know how God will use us here in Macon, me at work or in our church, but He will use us and, if we let it, our lives will “trees of life,” “planted by streams of water, that yields its fruit in it’s season…” (Psalm 1.3).