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OOtherwise is a funny sort of word. Just looking at it one might think it means something like ‘other than wise’ or ‘not smart,’ but it does not.

oth·er·wise ˈəT͟Hərˌwīz/ adverb
1. in circumstances different from those present or considered; or else

The new life in Christ that I spoke of yesterday is an “other-ness,” an otherwise sort of life. Another way to look at it could be “instead.” Consider these comparisons:

Old & New Life Comparisons

Old Life New Life
Peace with God Enemy of God
Congruence1 Confusion
Obedience to God Rebellion
Order Disorder
Everlasting life Death
Salvation Condemnation

I am not saying, and never would, that the new life in Christ, being a Christian, is perfect; because it’s not. Christians face difficulties; Christians struggle with doing the right thing (in other words, they sin); their lives are not always orderly; sometimes Christians get angry with God—but, no matter what, Christians have everlasting life, no one can take their salvation away from them. That perhaps is the biggest “otherwise” of them all—persisting in the old life is ‘other than wise.’

1 Things make sense