NEveryone likes “new” while “old” is passé. It’s what drives our economy. You can have a perfectly good iPhone, for instance, but when the new one comes out, you want it. Think of this—why does Apple number them? I drive a 2008 Toyota Prius. They were introduced to the US in 2000, but my Prius, a second generation vehicle, is not a Prius 2. My theory is that things like iPhones are numbered because it drives the “gotta have it” part of our psyche. I have an iPhone 5, but most of my colleagues at work (I work at an Apple specialist store) have iPhone 5s’es and of course I have iPhone envy. The numbers drive the desire, but it’s more than that; features also drive our desires.

Where this isn’t true is with life. Most of people are content to walk around with “old” lives, not knowing or caring about the “new” life that awaits them in Jesus Christ. For the most part they’ve bought into the lie that the world tells us, that this life is all there is and whatever we need to do to make ourselves happy in this life is our mission. So, we chase things and material gain to fill that void that all of us feel inside.

There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus. —Blaise Pascal

Jesus came to give us life—life abundant. Not life easy. Not life rich. But life abundant. What does that mean? Tune in tomorrow for “otherwise.”