This morning I went to Ocmulgee National Monument and did some hiking. For me, hiking trails is one of the best ways to clear my mind and get focus. It’s especially nice in this weather (it was between 30º and 40º this morning) when heat, bugs and reptiles are not a concern!


I think she knew where she was going…

I embarked on this hike without a map. I sort of knew where I was going, having been there before. However, once I covered the familiar territory, I ventured off on a path I hadn’t been on before. As I hiked I thought of how the path was a little like my current journey. There were sign-posts along the way (Visitor’s Center .5 miles →) then a little later (Visitor’s Center .75 miles →) and I knew I must have taken a turn and was on a new path.

I suppose life is like that. We go along thinking we know where we’re going, what God has in store for us and the end is only 1/2 mile ahead…, but then, wait, now it 3/4 mile ahead. Do I know where I’m going? This morning, no. Even though I had little fear, knowing that I would eventually find the Visitor’s Center, as I gazed ahead I could not see the end—not until I was near the end; then the white walls of the Visitor’s Center shone through the trees like a beacon on hill.

All this time, I have thought I knew where God was leading—to continue my career in student development. There it was, the end was just 1/2 mile ahead. However, recent developments have made me wonder if He wants me on a different path, just ahead 3/4 mile.

One of the things I would have missed...

One of the things I would have missed…

Michael Card sings of joy in the journey. This morning I experienced that as I turned new corners on the path, not knowing what was ahead—things like this railroad underpass from the 1870s that was unusual for it’s time because it was built of brick, not wood or stone. This new opportunity (I know I haven’t been big on details, but don’t feel lead to do so just yet) is like that—it is exciting and joyful to see how God will use this opportunity for His glory and how Jan and I will grow through the experience. At various places on the trail there were benches where one could sit, rest and wait. We’ve waited for (it seems to us) a long time.

I’ve talked before about waiting for the cloud to move and it appears that it’s moving. But, even if it’s not, there’s still joy in the journey and new things for God to reveal to us along the way, even if it means taking a seat on the trailside bench.