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I was initially excited to read this book and it began well. However, as I got into the middle of the book, the author introduced a new narrator and the book began to drag. It became tedious and I had to make myself read it. Not what you want in a “page-turner.” I found myself wanting to skim to the “good parts” and so I did.

The Third Bullet

The Third Bullet

There’s nothing new here (spoiler alert). Some other guys fired the fatal shot from the Dal-Tex building. There’s a lot of supporting evidence for…speed of the bullet, the way the third bullet disintegrated, etc. …there being a different gun that fired the third and fatal shot. There’s also been speculation that it was fired from the Dal-Tex building.

The way Hunter crafted the plot was creative and imaginative and even gripping until he introduced the second narrator. This person, Meachum, added a lot of unnecessary (in my opinion) detail that simply made the book longer. As one other reviewer (Goodreads) mentioned, it’s almost as if Hunter took an assassination theory and built a novel around it and it just didn’t work very well.

Can’t say that I really recommend this book, but others might find it inthralling.