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This morning, as I woke up on this Thanksgiving day I was reminded to read Kelly Chadwick’s blog. I think I met her once in passing, but can’t say that I really know her. psalmHowever, in many ways I feel a kindred spirit with her and her writings on the “wilderness” have spoken to my soul. This excerpt in particular paints a picture of where I am in my own journey in the wilderness (emphasis mine):

I’m not saying the longing for the promise is gone and I’m not saying I want to stay in this wilderness ground forever.
But I am saying that I don’t want to get to the fulfillment only to look back and see clearly all the moments I missed. I don’t want to arrive at the object of my longing and not be ready to step into the land. I don’t want to become so focused on the promise that I lose sight of the Promiser.
We’ve been sold a lie that life is about waiting for the land. We see only from mountain to mountain, constantly looking for the next peak to reach. We’ve been taught what to wait for, instead of learning Who we wait on.
And this month has reminded me of the goodness of that One…at the end of this month, I’m more convinced than ever that we will “see his goodness in the land of the living.”
Because I already have.

I think I’ve bought the lie that a job will bring fulfillment. In fact I know I have. I’ve pinned my hopes on a job, a place of our own and I’m missing out on today. I’m missing on being with people who love me. I’m missing moments that should be savored.

So, today I’m thankful to be surrounded with family and friends. Living in community is not always easy and there are growing pains, but it’s also the beauty of this community we call family. Family, by it’s definition, is not temporal nor fleeting. Family is always there, no matter what.

And I love my family. So, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!