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Hang in there Bubba.  God has never once been unfaithful to His children, never once withheld His steadfast love….and he won’t start with you. —Bob Carvella

Here, in the wilderness, otherwise known as Macon, Georgia—no slight intended—it’s easy to focus on my current circumstances and forget His promises. In my arrogance it’s easy to sometimes think that my friend Bob is wrong and He will start with me.

When “the Lord said to Abram, ‘Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you,'” Abram had no idea where that land would be. It’s one thing to read those words, it’s another to live them. If God is Sovereign, and I believe He is, then the events of the past few months are firmly in his control and while I may not be called to found a great nation like Abram, I am called to be faithful.

What does that mean? I’m tempted to run to Webster and see what “faithful” means; or perhaps I should look it up in my “Funk and Waggnals.” But no. I want to know what it means to me.

God has, I believe, called me to the ministry of higher education. It’s where I flourish, thrive and grow. I seem to have a knack for relating to college students, especially building relationships and developing leaders. During the eight years I spent in the “prison” of what used to be Berry College, I forgot those things. Unlike Joseph in his imprisonment, I forgot who I was and Whose I am.

So, to me, being faithful means remembering my call and believing that He will, once again, bless me and plant me beside a stream of water.

In her blog entry Waiting in the Wilderness, Kelly Chadwick wrote:

… the Lord does not move quickly, but he does move suddenly.  In our waiting, we are called to pitch our tents on borrowed ground, to build only temporary shelters on this desert land, and to keep our eyes on the One who neither slumbers nor sleeps.  The work of waiting is to commit ourselves to satisfaction in makeshift homes, while maintaining a holy discontent that keeps us longing for advance.  

If there were ever words that describe how I feel, this is it. I could not have said it better. We have pitched our tent on borrowed ground and it is a temporary shelter…but, oh, how we long for an advance, for God to open doors and move us where He wants us to be.

Kelly ended her entry with these poignant words, that spoke straight to my heart:

And to you who have given up hope, who have purposed to build a white picket fence around your desert tent and call it good enough: Remember the whispers of something more.  Remember the promise the Lord deposited in you.  Remember the battle cry that birthed your freedom and roar as you pull your stakes from the ground.  This is not your forever home, keep yourself ready for the move.

I have to admit those words made me tear up as I remembered, anew, His promises. He may call us to move today; or the call may not come for awhile. Either way we are to keep ourselves ready for the move and pull up those stakes when that call comes!