I’ve never done a product review on this blog, but I have found something that deserves some space on my humble blog.

This is the best bag I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a lot of them. I have tried other briefcases and numerous backpacks. This is the first briefcase I’ve owned that holds all my stuff. I’ve had backpacks that will hold everything, and even a briefcase or two that I could manage to cram everything in. But this is the first one that does it easily and my stuff isn’t being crushed in the process.

The 2.0 Firewall Laptop Brief

The 2.0 Firewall Laptop Brief

The organization is great and they seemed to have thought of just about everything. I do wish there was a smaller stash pocket on the outside for things like my office keys (I know there’s the key leash, but who wants to go digging that deep into the bag?)

I seem to carry everything, which is why I needed a bag this size. Currently I’m carrying: a Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, and their cords; a Canon G12 camera (a medium sized point & shoot); a Bible, journal (large Moleskine), two thin paperbacks and a large book, Ordeal by Fire (700+ pages); a small Joby tripod; a bluetooth Apple keyboard and three file folders—not to mention other sundries of various sorts. Told you I carry everything. Even so loaded, it carries it all with ease and balances the weight well. In short, I love this bag. Did I mention it comes in my favorite color—Olive?

I’ve been using this bag for about 20 days and it continues to amaze me. I was a bit concerned early on that the fully loaded bag might dig into my shoulder too much. In fact, when I opened the package, I was a bit dismayed that the shoulder strap pad is sewn in place and therefore not replaceable. However, 20 days into use and it’s just fine. I have not noticed any shoulder fatigue or back trouble from carrying this bag. Of course I would not want to carry it very far, but for my purposes, it’s been fine.

Bag with both main compartments open, showing how much it can hold

Bag with both main compartments open, showing how much it can hold

eBags is famous (or infamous) for their bright orange lining on the inside of their bags. Some hate it, some love it. I love it. It makes finding things in the bag so much easier than digging into the cavern of a black interior bag. Plus, the nylon they use is fantastic, allowing items to slip in and out easily.

If you regularly carry a lot of stuff and need a bag that is rugged, yet stylish and professional looking, then get this bag. You won’t be disappointed.