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On April 22, 1994, Richard Nixon, the 37th president, died. At that time and recently I thought of these words from his resignation speech:

There will always be those who hate you; but they don’t win unless you hate them—then you destroy yourself.



Nixon, the only president who resigned in office, has been much maligned over the years. In his death he was heralded as the all–time “come back kid.” Being thrown from the White House is not an easy set–back from which to recover. Yet he did.

What about us? I know I have people who don’t like me, perhaps even hate me—face it, I work on a college campus and student opinion is fickle. I have to remember, “they don’t win unless you hate them.” It’s easy during tough times to get down on yourself and believe what is said by those who dislike or hate you. It’s far better to make yourself remember the good that you’ve done, who you really are and Whose you really are.

Nixon lived to see his reputation revived. My reputation and yours is not based on those who dislike us. Keep that in mind.