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I am, typically, an ‘early adopter.’ First iPad? On the day of release. So, I’ve had this iPad for nearly three years, which is a LONG time in the fast changing world of electronics.

But, I’ve resisted in one area—Bible Study. I love the feel of a leather Bible and love my ESV Study Bible. I tried lugging that brick around for awhile, but it is way to big and heavy to do so. Nevertheless, I’ve always had a Bible in my backpack, until this week.

It occurred to me that I was needlessly carrying around a duplicate of what I already had in my backpack. On my iPad I have the ESV Study Bible, via the Olive Tree Bible reader. Within the Olive Tree reader I also have the KJV, the Holman Christian Standard version, as well as numerous commentaries. All in a device that weighs far less than the ESV Study Bible. Olive Tree has, recently, vastly improved their app too, making it more intuitive.

I’ve also begun one of their reading plans—links to the next passage appear at the end of the current passage—how convenient is that? Former reading plans included another piece of paper to lug around, lose, etc. Now I just click and viola, I’m there!

I’m also combining my reading with MaxJournal. This journaling app allows me to password protect my journal and switch back and forth frequently and easily.

Of course it helps that I have recently adopted the use of an Apple wireless keyboard, making use of the iPad a lot easier.