Fishing with Nehemiah


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Lately fishing has been frustrating. Worms, no bites. Minnows, no bites. Artificial lures, no bites.

But, I remember when fishing was a success. Back in that day, my sister and I would dig our own worms, go down to creek and almost immediately get bites and catch fish. Those were the days.

If you’ve ever fished with worms, you know that once you cast it you put your finger on the fishing line. You could not see your bait and yet you knew exactly what was going on there in the murky depths.

How? A taunt fishing line would transmit a “bite” immediately to your finger. You knew that there was a fish out there, checking out your bait. You know the difference between a nibble and a hard hit on your bait.

Our relationship with God has parallels. Our line to God is our prayers. We do not know what is happening on His end. Or, do we? I think that Nehemiah knew the mind of God as well as anyone ever knew His mind. How did he know? He prayed. He prayed for four months. Read that again…four months! When he learned that Jerusalem’s walls were broken down, Nehemiah wept and then prayed. And prayed. And prayed some more. His finger was on the “line” to God.

What about you? What about me? Until recently I have to confess that I did not pray all that much. Oh, I read my Bible; studied it. But prayer? Not so much.

That is changing and it has made a difference in my life. My finger is on the line to God. I have not had the types of experiences that Nehemiah had, but this much I know: you can’t truly have a relationship with someone if you’re not talking to them.

Talk to God. He’s listening. He’s not too busy for you. No, you don’t have to go somewhere and pray for four months. Just talk to Him; in your home; in your car; as you go about your daily routine. He’s waiting to hear from you.